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U.S: Taiwan still follows conventional war strategy

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The Taiwanese military continues to follow conventional war strategy in dealing with modern and sophisticated threats, a recent US military delegation to Taipei revealed.

The delegation, sent to assess the Taiwanese armed forces, claimed that the Southeast Asian nation is “tactically proficient” but lacks strategic thinking.

The assessment was published following President Tsai Ing-wen’s announcement of an extension in compulsory military service in the country. Instead of four months, Taiwanese men will now be required to undergo military training for one year and be part of the reserve force.

The move drew criticism from defense analysts such as Kitsch Liao, who said the extension will not solve the country’s military power problem.

“They are basically going back to what was in place in 2008, before the force reductions started,” he told Financial Times. “While you have to give the president credit for reviving that system, they are not addressing the problem of military power, which is the core of deterrence.”

‘Strengthening Deterrence’

During the announcement, President Tsai admitted that it was an “extremely difficult decision.”

However, she said that the move was made to increase Taiwan’s military capabilities to defend against a possible Chinese invasion.

She further stated that it was an “unavoidable responsibility” for her as the president of Taiwan to improve the country’s self-defense and strengthen its deterrence.

“China threatens peace and stability, and the threat to Taiwan is obvious,” Tsai said. “No one wants war. This is true of the Taiwan government and people, and so it is with the international community.”

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