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US to help Taiwan upgrade tactical data link system

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The US will help Taiwan upgrade its data link system to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Link-22.

Link-22 is a secure beyond-line-of-sight communications capability that interconnects “air, surface, subsurface, and ground-based tactical data systems,” Focus Taiwan wrote, citing the head of the Department of Strategic Planning Lee Shih-Chiang.

Shih-Chiang added that updating the system will provide Taiwan with a direct connection to the US military.

Link-22 Features

Link-22 features an “automatic grouping function” that maps out enemy and friendly forces’ positions, the outlet reported, citing Su Tzu-Yun of Taiwan’s Institute for National Defense and Security Research.

He added that the system’s greater range compared to the present system would improve Taiwan’s combat effectiveness.

Taiwan currently operates the Link-16 data link system that can interoperate with NATO.

However, China’s XS-3 and DTS-03 data link systems have surpassed link-16’s capabilities, the outlet said.

Defense Against Chinese Jamming

Link-22 is an upgrade on Link-16, according to National Policy Foundation research fellow Chieh Chung. He added that it provides better defense against Chinese communication systems jamming.

Link-22 “greatly strengthens {Taiwan’s} anti-jamming capabilities,” Chung said. He added that the system improves Taipei’s “command efficiency while providing faster communications transmissions.”

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