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White House: China’s aggression towards US military growing

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China’s aggression towards the US military in the vicinity of Taiwan and the South China Sea is intensifying, the White House said.

National Security spokesman John Kirby cited two specific incidents: an air intercept in late May where a Chinese J-16 fighter jet executed an “unnecessarily aggressive maneuver” over the South China Sea, and another incident in the Taiwan Strait where a Chinese warship engaged in an “unsafe maritime interaction” by crossing directly in front of an American vessel’s bow at a distance of 150 yards.

“This is just part, again, of a growing aggressiveness by the PRC that we’re dealing with, and we’re prepared to address it,” said Kirby, referring to the People’s Republic of China, China’s official name.

“We’re flying, we’re sailing, we’re operating in international airspace and international waters, and both of those incidents were in complete compliance with international law,” he said.

He said there was no need for the Chinese military to “act as aggressively as they did.”

Kirby called the Chinese warship’s engagement “unsafe” and “unprofessional.”

He also said that Washington urged its Chinese counterparts to “make better decisions about how they operate in international airspace and sea space.”

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