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    Defence News
    2 hours ago

    Germany begins deployment of permanent Lithuania brigade

    Germany on Monday began the permanent deployment of a military brigade in Lithuania with an…
    Defence News
    3 hours ago

    US, Japan, Australia, Philippines hold joint drills in South China Sea

    4-nation exercise propels China to hold air, sea patrol in response. The US, Japan, Australia…
    Defence News
    4 hours ago

    Spain’s premier to embark on European tour to rally support for recognition of Palestine

    Pedro Sanchez to meet leaders of Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Belgium in coming days…
    Defence News
    5 hours ago

    President Erdogan: Türkiye has shown its support to Palestine with over 45,000 tons of aid

    ‘We will continue our support to our Palestinian brothers and sisters until the bloodshed in…
    Defence News
    15 hours ago

    NASA peers at pair of closely interacting galaxies

    This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope features Arp 72, a very selective galaxy…
    Defence News
    17 hours ago

    UK Space Agency backing for nuclear space reactors

    Rolls-Royce today announced it has secured funding from Phase 2 of the UK Space Agency’s…
    Defence News
    19 hours ago

    South Korea says second Spy satellite placed in Orbit

    South Korea put its second domestically made spy satellite into orbit, Seoul’s defense ministry said…
    Defence News
    22 hours ago

    Lockheed conducts test with four LRASM anti-ship missiles

    The U.S. Navy, in partnership with Lockheed Martin, successfully conducted a Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM)…
    Defence News
    23 hours ago

    UK Royal Marines to purchase 159 Snowmobiles for Arctic ops

    The UK Royal Marines are investing 10 million pounds ($12.6 million) in 159 snowmobiles for Arctic missions. The…
    Defence News
    1 day ago

    Japan Procures First Fleet of UGVs From Rheinmetall

    The Japanese Ministry of Defense has contracted Rheinmetall to produce its first fleet of autonomous…
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