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Czech Republic to acquire Israeli medium-size UAVs

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 The Czech military intends to purchase a batch of Israeli-made medium-size drones.

Czech media reported that the representatives of the Czech army and the Ministry of Defense will begin negotiations with the Israeli government in the coming days.

It is reported about drones buy for almost $60 million. Presumably, it can be drones of three systems.

These drones will have a wingspan of about 15 meters.

“Market consultations have already been held, as a result of which we evaluated the most suitable means for the army of the Czech Republic, and negotiations with representatives of the Israeli government will begin in mid-August,” said the press secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Natálie Forsterová.

The Czech army expects to receive the first system next year.

Delivery of the rest of the part and personnel training should take place no later than 2026.

At the moment, two proposals from Israel are being studied – these are the Hermes and Heron UAVs.

Heron UAV is a medium-altitude aircraft of a long duration of a flight. The drone can perform a variety of tasks, including intelligence gathering, surveillance, target detection.

Thanks to the ability to carry the latest equipment, the new version of the “Heron” MK II is able to collect reconnaissance data about targets from a long distance without approaching them.

The Hermes 900 tactical unmanned aerial vehicle is being developed by the Israeli company Elbit Systems.

Hermes 900 has a high operational range and is designed for surveillance, air patrol, reconnaissance. As an option, it is possible to equip the UAV with strike systems.

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