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Honeywell unveils wearable 360-degree display for military vehicle operators

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American defense firm Honeywell Aerospace has unveiled its new 360-degree head-mounted display for military aircraft and ground vehicle operators.

Dubbed the Honeywell 360 Display, the technology was introduced during the annual convention of the Association of the US Army in Washington, DC.

The wearable device uses exterior cameras and sensors mounted on a military vehicle to give the operator a high-resolution picture of what is going on outside.

The 360-degree display reduces drivers’ need to check other instruments in the vehicle and allows them to focus on more important tasks.

According to the company, its recent development can provide “unprecedented situational awareness” for ground vehicle operators who need to maneuver in low-visibility or hazardous conditions.

“The advanced situational awareness the Honeywell 360 Display provides helps enable the battlefield of the future, providing operators and pilots with real-time data to improve their reaction time and to make timely, well-informed decisions when needed most,” Honeywell Aerospace official Ricky Freeman said.

Additional Features

Honeywell’s lightweight display reportedly offers a robust viewing experience in high-motion environments.

It collects information about the terrain, traffic, and weather condition from several databases and then shows it in the driver’s stereoscopic, mixed-reality display.

Additionally, the Honeywell 360 Display features a modular design and is configurable to operate with existing vehicle cameras.

It can also support missions conducted in the day or night.

“The Honeywell 360 Display has been tested extensively on ground vehicles, including in rough terrain,” the company stated. “Future applications of the technology may include use in aircraft, to provide the capability of a heads-up display in wearable form.”

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