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Morocco purchases 150 Israeli VTOL drones manufactured by BlueBird

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 According to information published by Infodron on September 30, 2022, Morocco has purchased 150 WanderB and ThunderB VTOL drones, manufactured by the Israeli company BlueBird and is evaluating the purchase of more types of Israeli-made UAS. Part of the production of these drones will be carried out in Morocco, both for ISR missions and those that are armed.

The WanderB stands out for its ability to operate anywhere without a runway and can take off and land vertically. It is characterized by its low noise level as it uses electric motors.

The drone can operate for up to two and a half hours at distances of up to 50 kilometers with a maximum take-off weight of 13 kilos, of which five correspond to the batteries and one and a half to the payload, which can be day or night cameras.

It has a wingspan of three meters and a length of almost being able to reach altitudes of up to 1,000 meters and operate even in winds of 32 to 65 knots.

The ThunderB is a more complete drone, with an autonomy of more than 12 hours, a range of up to 150 kilometers and a tracking antenna. It has a maximum take-off weight of 35 kilos and can operate in adverse weather conditions.

This is not the first time that Morocco is negotiating with the Israeli industry, both countries have a long history. Last year IAI invoiced Morocco $22 million, almost 20 million euros, for the purchase of several Harop unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition, also during 2021, the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces’ official journal ovicial confirmed an agreement an agreement an agreement between the Army and the Israeli company BlueBird Aero Systems, which included WanderB drones, which were tested during the Moroccan Army’s military maneuvers in the Ouarzazate region in June 2019. The transaction price was estimated at $50 million.

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