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Rohde & Schwarz, EID to supply Portuguese Army with Software-Defined radios

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Rohde & Schwarz and technology developer EID have partnered to deliver handheld software-defined radios (SDR) for the Portuguese Army.

SDR bases bandwidth, modulation, frequency, and network access on software to boost radio signal processing.

The collaboration will see the delivery of SOVERON HR radios selected as part of the Dismounted Soldier Communications System for the Portuguese armed forces.

EID will also provide the army with its Dismounted Soldier system solution, locally developed and produced in Portugal.

“We are very proud to develop and deliver this capability to the Portuguese Army having such a great partner on our side,” EID Managing Director Frederico Lemos said.

“With successful projects delivered together in the past, both in Portugal and internationally, we form the best team in equipping the Portuguese Army with this state-of-the-art soldier system.”

The SOVERON HRs are expected to support dismounted soldiers in various scenarios, according to Rohde & Schwarz.

The mobile radio can also work with the company’s SOVERON VR vehicular radio to enable a seamless connection on the battlefield.

“In cooperation with EID and our long-term relationship equipping the Portuguese defense forces, we will ensure a sovereign capability in country to support the Portuguese army throughout the lifetime of their communications systems and upgrading the existing equipment to the latest standard,” Rohde & Schwarz Tactical Communications Vice President Alexander Philipp said.

Dismounted Soldier System in Portuguese Army

In 2021, the Portuguese Army awarded EID an 8.5-million euro ($8.3 million) contract to supply its dismounted soldier system to infantry forces.

EID’s Dismounted Soldier Communications System comprises voice and data communications equipment such as handheld radios, data terminals, and the Dismounted Soldier Integrator, which are compatible with other external sensors carried by the troops.

The company will deliver the order from 2022 to 2026.

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