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Pentagon: Ukraine intercepts Russian Kalibr Missiles

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Ukraine has successfully intercepted all Kalibr missiles fired by Russia after the attack on the Crimean Kerch Bridge, according to a senior official from the US Department of Defense.

During a background briefing on the situation in Kyiv, the official revealed that three Kalibr-capable Russian vessels fired the missiles toward an undisclosed location in Ukraine.

The attempts were reportedly Moscow’s retaliation for the explosion on the Kerch bridge – a strategic link connecting Russia with Crimea.

Although Kyiv has not claimed responsibility for the attack, Moscow directed its anger towards its European neighbor by launching a barrage of missiles across Ukraine.

Kalibr Missile

The 3M-14 Kalibr cruise missile flies autonomously at low altitudes, penetrating stationary ground targets such as command posts, storage facilities, and military bases.

It can be fired from ships or submarines, and its route toward a target can be configured mid-course by satellite.

Featuring a high-precision strike capability, the Kalibr can travel up to 1,550 miles (2,494 kilometers).

The land-attack missile reportedly contains a 1,000-pound (453-kilogram) high-explosive warhead for increased target damage.

Russia used Kalibr missiles when it struck several barracks in the southern port city of Mykolaiv, killing eight Ukrainian soldiers.

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