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Thales to Supply Five Ground Radars to Danish Air Force

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Thales has signed a contract to deliver land-based military radars for the Danish Air Force.

The agreement covers the supply of five Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission Compact (GM200 MM/C) radar platforms developed by Thales Netherlands.

These systems were ordered to support the air force’s defense and surveillance missions, retaining the service’s airborne operability, situational awareness, weapon tracking, and fire support capabilities.

The contract follows an announcement by Denmark last April seeking to enhance tactical sensor assets in the North Atlantic by integrating advanced technologies in the Faroe Islands.

Security over the region will also cover the airspace of neighboring countries, including Norway, Iceland, and the UK.

Thales’ GM200 MM/C Radar

Part of Thales’s Ground Master 200 family of radars, the GM200 MM/C is specialized for modern warfare missions.

The radar offers an improved timeline for users to gather as much data as possible from incoming adversaries through an advanced four-dimensional active electronically scanned array that can simultaneously detect entities at all positions without moving its components.

By employing the GM200 MM/C, operators can obtain automated classification and pathway tracking over aircraft, helicopters, multiple aerial drones, and projectile weapons.

“I am very happy that we are now acquiring new, mobile radars for airspace surveillance,” Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Chief Lt. Gen. Kim Jesper Jørgensen stated.

“This is an advanced capability that the Armed Forces badly need, not least in light of the current serious political security situation.”

Common Radar Configurations

Netherlands defense procurement agency COMMIT Commander Vice Admr. Jan Willem Hartman explained how the new radars can impact cooperation between the Danish and Dutch militaries.

“The acquisition of the GM200 MM/C is an example of how allies can help each other in strengthening their defence forces by interoperable materiel,” Hart said.

“In addition, it is an advantage that both Denmark and the Netherlands have identical configurations of the GM200 MM/C, which enables cooperation for identical future updates and support.”

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