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Anduril unveils game-changing electromagnetic warfare system

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Anduril, the defense tech startup founded by Palmer Luckey, has announced the launch of Pulsar, a groundbreaking family of modular electromagnetic warfare (EW) systems powered by artificial intelligence, poised to revolutionize battlefield dominance against evolving threats.

In today’s rapidly evolving battlefield, where drone technologies and electronic warfare tactics are advancing at an unprecedented pace, maintaining supremacy in the electromagnetic spectrum is paramount. Pulsar emerges as a cutting-edge solution, offering real-time threat identification and adaptive countermeasures across the spectrum, including against small and medium-size drones.

“As the war in Ukraine has shown, EW tactics are evolving faster than ever — a cat and mouse game of sensing and dodging, disruption and adaptation, in the spectrum — with updates to EW and threat systems now happening over shorter timelines of weeks, days, or even hours,” the news release says

At the core of Pulsar’s innovation is its integration of software-defined radio and advanced computing, enabling rapid radio frequency machine learning (RFML) for swift threat identification and response at the tactical edge. This multi-mission EW platform encompasses a range of capabilities, including electronic countermeasures, counter-unmanned systems, electronic support, and more, adaptable for ground or aerial deployment.

Sam El-Akkad, General Manager of RF/EW Systems at Anduril, emphasizes Pulsar’s resilience in congested electromagnetic environments, facilitating seamless integration with other advanced technological systems for comprehensive defense against both state and non-state actors.

With an open architecture enabling seamless integration into existing EW and command-and-control systems, Pulsar fosters a unified network of EW capabilities, ensuring coordinated effects across distributed operations. Moreover, its software development kit facilitates continuous development and integration of third-party providers, ensuring agility and adaptability against emerging threats.

As noted by the company, Pulsar signifies a paradigm shift in EW capabilities, embodying agility, adaptability, and unparalleled performance to meet the dynamic challenges of modern warfare across all domains.

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