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Australian Arms Manufacturer Eyes Production in Ukraine

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EOS Defence Systems has expressed its desire to launch arms production in Ukraine.

Vice president of global sales and marketing Mark Essig stated the intention during a meeting with Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Defense Dmytro Klimenkov.

“Ukraine continues to actively work on the modernization of its defense capabilities and the expansion of international cooperation,” Klimenkov said.

“The transition to direct contracts with arms manufacturers will reduce dependence on intermediaries and increase our defense capability.”

EOS Products in Ukraine

The Canberra-based defense firm has an extensive product portfolio, which includes laser weapons, combat and force protection systems, and counter-drone systems.

Its Slinger cannon system was selected last year as part of a US security assistance package for Ukraine.

The German government also reportedly purchased the counter-drone system to protect IRIS-T air defense systems deployed in Ukraine.

It features a radar and a 30mm Bushmaster M230LF automatic cannon with proximity fuse, high explosive, or armor-piercing ammunition and has a range of 800 meters (2,624 feet).

Similarly, L3Harris picked EOS Defense Systems USA R150 gimbals last year for the Ukraine-bound Vampire counter-drone system.

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