New heavy infantry fighting vehicle spotted in Russia - M5 Dergi
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New heavy infantry fighting vehicle spotted in Russia

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A new heavy infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), believed to be based on the T-72 main battle tank platform, has been spotted in Nizhny Tagil, Russia.

The brief video footage, captured near the Uralvagonzavod testing ground—home to the production of Russia’s T-72, T-90, and T-14 Armata tanks—has sparked interest and speculation among defense analysts.

This tracked IFV bears a resemblance to the T-15 IFV but features a different tracked base with only six road wheels per side, contrasting with the T-15’s chassis on the Armata platform.

The development of this new armored vehicle is likely driven by the need for mass production of heavy IFVs to supply Russian military forces. On the battlefield, armored vehicles face a multitude of threats, and heavy armor can provide critical protection for the crew.

Opting for the T-72 chassis reflects the Russian defense industry’s focus on cost-efficiency, scalability, and ease of maintenance amid ongoing economic challenges.

“The choice of the T-72 platform makes sense given the current state of the Russian defense industry,” commented a military analyst. “It allows for more straightforward production and maintenance processes while providing the necessary protection in combat scenarios.”

The emergence of this new IFV underscores Russia’s continued efforts to enhance its armored vehicle fleet in response to modern warfare demands.

Abone Ol 

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