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BAE to lead UK Future Combat Air System effort in $1.7B contract

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The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded BAE Systems a 1.4 billion-pound ($1.7 billion) Future Combat Air System (FCAS) concept and assessment phase contract.

BAE will collaborate with international partners to undertake “concept development, technology maturation, technical demonstration planning & critical program enablers.”

The FCAS phase is a continuation of the FCAS research and development effort commenced by team Tempest comprising the MoD, BAE, Leonardo, MBDA, and Rolls Royce.

UK-Led Phase
The UK-led phase necessitates a significant UK-based suppliers footprint to minimize International Traffic in Arms Regulations restrictions.

“BAE Systems uniquely possess the capability in the UK for design organization and systems integration, to integrate engines, sensors, and weapons within an efficient platform design minimizing size and weight, and hence cost,” the contract notice states.

“Consequently BAE has been selected by the MoD to be the lead contractor on behalf of the UK industry in this next phase.”

Italian FCAS Contract

The award comes weeks after the Italian Ministry of Defense awarded the Italy-led FCAS concept & assessment phase contract to a group of companies comprising Leonardo, Elettronica, Avio Aero, and MBDA Italia.

Separately, a German consortium recently cliched an FCAS sensor network contract to develop a technology demonstrator by 2025.

Future Combat Air System

The multi-nation air combat system is intended to replace the French Rafale, German Typhoon, and Spanish EF-18 Hornet in the 2040s.

Dassault Aviation, Airbus, and Indra Sistemas are developing the system, including a sixth-generation aircraft and drones.

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