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Russia Tests Ballistic Missile ‘Satan II’ While Joe Biden Was in Ukraine

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Moscow carried out an intercontinental “Satan II” ballistic missile which is capable of delivering multiple nuclear warheads, while U.S. President Joe Biden was in the capital city of Kyiv, multiple international media have reported.

CNN has reported the heavy SARMAT missile is capable of delivering multiple nuclear warheads and is believed to have a range of almost 7000 miles, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not point out the testing during his 105-minute long speech.

The Georgia-based news channel, citing two American officials, reported that to avoid military escalations, and misunderstandings, Washington was previously warned through special lines about testing Satan II.

Moscow had already tested the weapon in April, weeks after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, a so-called “Special Military Operation” on February 24, 2022.

During his State of the Nation address, Putin blamed Western governments for the war in Ukraine, accusing them of fueling the war in Ukraine and playing with fire, and plunging the world into chaos. He said Ukraine and the West started the war and Russia was “using force to stop it”.

Meanwhile, some believe that carrying out the intercontinental ballistic missile was not a success. It is believed Russian President Vladimir Putin would have pointed out the missile test during his National Address had it been successful.

During his speech, Putin said he was suspending Russia’s participation in a major arms control agreement with its arch-rival, the United States.

New Start is the last remaining nuclear arms deal between Moscow and Washington, and it was extended for five years in 2021.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia said on Telegram that his country is ready to use any means, including nuclear weapons, to defend itself.

Medvedev further added that if Washington wants to defeat Moscow, the world is on the verge of experiencing another global conflict.

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