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British Army holds ‘Largest-Ever’ force development wargame

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The British Army has conducted its “largest-ever” force development wargame to test a new approach for future operations.

The AWG23 (Army Wargame 2023) demonstrated the “land operating concept” aimed at redesigning combat power to provide better protection to UK and international interests.

It saw the participation of more than 250 soldiers and a diverse team of experts from international partners.

During the nine-week program, several mission scenarios were executed to examine a variety of force structures.

The drills also allowed the army to better understand several factors critical in delivering battle-winning strategies.

“This event shows evidence of the great work that has been going on ‘behind the scenes’ and the compelling insights and results achieved,” British Army official Major General James Bowder said.

International Involvement

According to the British Ministry of Defence, the US sent personnel to observe the drills.

It explained that international involvement in military exercises is crucial as the UK armed forces rarely go into operations alone.

Collaborating with international partners helped the British Army understand how it will operate with allies in the future.

“International contribution enables us to use their areas of expertise which gives us a richer picture of how we can operate together in the future,” Defence Science and Technology Laboratory analyst Sarah Knight stated.

“Together, we have looked at multi-domain integration relating to different technologies we all share – and that has been extremely valuable.”

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