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Canadian Military Accepts First Armored Combat Support Vehicles

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The Canadian military has announced the arrival of the first batch of Armored Combat Support Vehicles (ACSV) it ordered from General Dynamics Land Systems.

An acceptance ceremony was held at Garrison Petawawa, with Defense Minister Bill Blair and Chief of the Defence Staff General Wayne Eyre leading the event.

According to the country’s defense department, the first four ACSVs delivered are the ambulance variant.

They have an internal layout suitable for treatment of a wide range of injuries, with the help of medical supplies and equipment onboard.

“The members of the Canadian Armed Forces deserve modern equipment that gets the job done. These new [ACSV] will serve our members well at home and abroad, enabling them to protect Canada and support our allies,” Blair remarked.

A total of 360 ACSVs will be delivered to the Canadian military in the coming years.

‘Modernized Armored Combat Support Fleet’

The procurement of 360 ACSVs in eight different variants is part of Canada’s 2-billion Canadian dollar ($1.5 billion) investment in a “modernized armored combat support fleet.”

The vehicles, based on the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) 6.0, will replace the country’s current LAV II Bison and M113 Tracked LAV fleets.

They are designed to ensure that the Canadian military has the tools they need to conduct a wide variety of operations at home and abroad.

The first batch of ACSVs was initially planned to be delivered in 2025, but the defense ministry was able to expedite the process.

“Modernizing, renewing, and improving our capabilities within the Canadian Armed Forces is essential to keep Canada safe in a world that grows more complex,” Eyre stated. “These ambulances, which were much needed, will provide enhanced protection for our personnel when it matters most whether they’re at home or abroad.”

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