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“European security design not functioning at desired level”

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Türkiye’s contribution to transatlantic security is vital, says Foreign Minister Cavusoglu

The European security structure is “clearly not functioning” at desired levels, the Turkish foreign minister said on Tuesday, and noted that it is not “reasonable or logical to envision a new security design” as the war in Ukraine continues.

Speaking at the opening of the Istanbul Security Forum, Mevlut Cavusoglu said, “It is clear that the European security structure is not functioning at the level we (Türkiye) would like. Unfortunately, some become dysfunctional.”

Noting that it is not “reasonable or logical to envision a new security design” as the war in Ukraine continues, Cavusoglu further said,”Türkiye’s contribution to transatlantic security, which is at the forefront of NATO’s most dominant and strategically important allies, is vital.”

The Istanbul Security Forum, which is being held on May 2-3, will address regional and global security threats, and solutions, according to the Communications Directorate.

The international forum is expected to include nearly 70 local and foreign speakers, including politicians, policy makers, academics, experts, journalists, and representatives of international organizations.

Reminding that 60% of international crises and conflicts are seen around Türkiye, Cavusoglu said security “is a concept that transcends distinctions such as hard security or soft security, and needs to be addressed comprehensively.”

Listing three ways to ensure security in today’s conditions, the Turkish foreign minister said one of them is keeping one’s “country strong, deterrent, and resilient with all its elements.”

“When strong security forces and a resilient society comes together with effective management, success comes along. That’s why we (Türkiye) have adopted the defense industry as one of the priority areas,” he added.

Saying that Türkiye always stands by its allies, Cavusoglu said some allies have disappointed Türkiye.

“I find it really embarrassing to feel the need to call on Allies to not impose sanctions on each other,” he said.

Cavusoglu further noted that the second way to ensure security is “to be both the subject and the complementary element of common security.”

“Terrorism is one of the two main threats to NATO, and all Allies must be united in the fight against this scourge,” he said, stressing that Türkiye is “a country that is sincerely fighting terrorism on the ground.”

Calling on all its allies that Türkiye is the “only real partner in fight against terrorism,” Cavusoglu also underscored that a terrorist organization that kills the citizens and soldiers of an ally country (Türkiye) cannot be a legitimate partner.

The Turkish minister continued to say that “perceiving security from a broad perspective and developing solutions with effective multilateralism” is the third way to ensure security.

Saying that “Türkiye is a wise, benevolent, virtuous, and influential power that uses all power aspects together,” Cavusoglu pledged to “resolutely maintain our (Ankara’s) position as the central actor of global security, with our principled humanitarian stance and our entrepreneurial foreign policy that responds to the realities on the ground.”

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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