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Sweden receives new signals intelligence ship ‘HMS Artemis’

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The Swedish Defense Materiel Administration has taken delivery of the country’s new signals intelligence ship HMS Artemis.

The delivery occurred after a pandemic production delay and months of rigorous sea trials.

According to manufacturer Saab, the ship will now be fitted with cutting-edge signals intelligence systems and naval intelligence sensors under the supervision of the National Defence Radio Establishment.

Once the components are installed, the HMS Artemis will begin operational deployment in 2024 and replace the Swedish Navy’s aging HMS Orion.

“This is an important day in Saab’s history,” company official Mats Wicksell said. “The Signal Intelligence capabilities are important for Sweden and today is an important milestone.”

He further stated that the delivery of the HMS Artemis acknowledges that Sweden “has regained the capability to develop and build world-class ships and boats.”

‘A High Standard’

The spy ship HMS Artemis was ordered by Stockholm in 2017 and first launched in 2019.

Initially scheduled for delivery to the Swedish Navy in 2020, construction was halted by the pandemic while the ship subcontractor experienced financial challenges.

According to Saab, the 74.6-meter (244 feet) vessel has improved electromagnetic compatibility that minimizes the interfering signals it emits.

The Artemis will also provide enhanced maneuverability and a “high standard” onboard living environment for Swedish naval forces.

The ship will play a crucial role in the country’s maritime surveillance and security operations, considering the emergence of sophisticated naval threats in the region.

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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