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France completes first Akeron LP missile trial with Tiger Helicopter

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The French Defence Procurement Agency has conducted its first Akeron LP missile trial from the French Army’s Tiger attack helicopter at a flight test facility in Cazaux.

The demonstration is part of the Future Tactical Air-to-Surface Missile (MAST-F) program to enhance the armed force’s weapons capability for advanced warfare.

During the tests, the Tiger helicopter was equipped with a launcher and mockup systems to collect data.

The evaluation concluded successfully and on time according to the proposed timeline set under the MAST-F program, the Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation (OCCAR) announced.

The Akeron Missile

The new Akeron missile will be integrated with French Tiger rotorcrafts and Eurodrone medium altitude long endurance systems once completed.

“The Akeron LP multipurpose warhead will neutralize various types of fixed and mobile targets, including the most protected main battle tanks, light infrastructures and small boats,” OCCAR said.

“With a range of more than 8 km from helicopters and up to 20 km from UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), firings beyond line of sight are possible thanks to the multi-mode, autonomous and high-precision guidance system.”

MAST-F Program

The demonstration followed the first Akeron prototype test and the first lethal package trials at France’s Techniques Terrestres site in Bourges.

The missile’s initial production for the MAST-F program was awarded to MBDA in 2020.

In June 2022, Tiger developer Airbus announced that the helicopters will be armed with the Akeron LP and MP fifth-generation tactical missile variants to provide an advantage over third and fourth-generation weapons.

MBDA received a contract in October to equip France’s future Eurodrones with the missile.

Earlier this year, the firm and the government signed an agreement to deliver 200 Akeron systems for the French Armed Forces.

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