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France to Provide Dozens of Armored Vehicles to Lebanon

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The French government will send dozens of armored vehicles to the Lebanese Army to assist its patrol missions.

Speaking after his visit to Lebanon last month, French defense minister Sebastien Lecornu said the donation is part of Paris’ efforts to bolster the capabilities of the Lebanese Army so it can coordinate with UN peacekeeping forces.

He also pledged “long-term support” to the Middle Eastern nation “whatever the current difficulties.”

“We will pursue our partnership with military equipment, notably for the transport of troops protected by armor, which is key to maintain patrols,” he said, as quoted by Reuters.

Lecornu did not specify which armored vehicles in the French military inventory would be delivered.

However, he noted that Paris would also provide medicines and set up a joint program to purchase cheaper medical supplies for the Lebanese Army.

Hezbollah Warned

As France shows its support for the Lebanese Army, French President Emmanuel Macron revealed that he has already warned the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah against attacking Israel.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on November 3 that his group would continue its operations in the conflict-ridden country as long as Jerusalem breaks the “rules of engagement” by escalating its attacks.

Macron revealed during his recent visit to Israel that he sent direct messages to the Iran-backed group amid concerns that it could engage in open conflict with Israel.

“I warn Iran, I warn Hezbollah, I warn the Houthis. Don’t take the risk of attacking Israel. If you do so, there will be a regional confrontation, and you will suffer from that. You have to do everything to avoid more tears,” the president said.

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