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Rheinmetall to Deliver 100,000 Mortar Rounds to Ukraine

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Germany has contracted Rheinmetall to deliver 100,000 120mm mortar shells to Ukraine.

The multi-million euro contract is part of Berlin’s 400-million-euro ($428 million) package for Ukraine announced earlier.

Delivery will begin shortly and extend over the next two years, Rheinmetall said.

Spanish Subsidiary

Rheinmetall’s recent Spanish acquisition Expal has enhanced its munition production capacity, adding a range of 20mm, 81mm, and 60mm mortar ammunition to its stable, including the 120mm Ragnarok.

“Thanks to its enhanced range, heightened precision and optimum combat effectiveness, Rheinmetall mortar ammunition can assure favorable outcomes even during operations in difficult terrain and urban environments,” Rheinmetall added.

155mm Shells for Ukraine

Rheinmetall earlier signed a contract to supply over 150,000 155mm shells to Ukraine.

Delivery of tens of thousands of shells is expected in 2023 and the rest next year.

Expal will provide the munition, including DM 121 high-explosive rounds.

The 3,600-euro ($3,840) shell can reportedly strike a target 36 kilometers (22 miles) away when fired from a 52-caliber barrel and 29.2 kilometers (18 miles) from a 39-caliber barrel.

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