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French Navy receives two upgraded ALT2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

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The French Navy has received its eighth and ninth Atlantique 2 (ATL2) maritime patrol aircraft upgraded with advanced radar and other tactical sensor systems.

Dassault Aviation’s Sabena Technics modified the eighth aircraft, while the French SIAé aeronautical maintenance center modified the ninth plane. The ATL2s were delivered to the French Navy’s Lann-Bihoué naval air base on July 13 and July 21.

The upgrade is part of the modernization of obsolete systems in 18 ATL2 planes expected to be completed by 2024.

Based on the 2013 contract, 11 of the ATL2s were entrusted to the French SIAé, while the remaining seven were submitted to Dassault Aviation.

Standard 6 Upgrade

A “standard 6” upgrade was performed for each aircraft in the project, which included systems such as the new Thales Search Master and acoustic subsystems, Dassault Aviation navigation consoles, SIAé tactical display systems, and WESCAM optronics.

By incorporating this set, the French ALT2s are expected to have increased flight performance in all weather and match the capability of tactical systems in other aircraft, stealth submarines, and land vehicles.

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