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Germany taps General Dynamics to provide Georgia with military bridge systems

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Germany has selected General Dynamics to supply Georgia with four Python bridge systems as part of Berlin’s “Enable and Enhance Initiative” military cooperation program.

The German effort focuses on investing in military and civil security assets in partner countries threatened by defense-related crises.

This program is expected to bolster participating nations’ “ability to prevent and manage latent conflicts.”

The Python bridge platforms will be delivered by General Dynamics European Land Systems.

Shipping of the systems is scheduled within the next two years.

The Python Bridge System

The Python is constructed of high-tensile aluminum to allow the passage of armored and unarmored vehicles.

Each bridge system will be mounted with its own launcher on an 8×8 military carrier truck with a palletized load system.

Once deployed, Python will provide troops with a quick, easy-to-use bridge to transport light and medium-weight capabilities.

It can connect gaps of up to 13 meters (43 feet) and carry vehicles with a load capacity of up to Military Load Classification 50.

Furthermore, it is air transportable and features a configuration for military and humanitarian missions.

Enable and Enhance Initiative With Moldova

Earlier this year, Germany delivered the first three of 19 planned Piranha-3F armored personnel carriers to Moldova as part of the Enable and Enhance Initiative.

The future fleet will upgrade Moldova’s defense capabilities and provide the country’s warfighters with greater protection than previous systems.

Deliveries of the remaining Piranhas are expected later this year.

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