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Report: Ukraine to receive additional military aid from Australia

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Australia will provide the Ukrainian government with additional military aid and humanitarian funds to sustain its defense against Russia.

The 110-million Australian dollar ($73.6 million) package is in response to Ukraine’s requests for military vehicles, ammunition, and associated support.

The articles planned for delivery include 28 M113 armored vehicles, 28 MAN 40M medium trucks, 14 special operations vehicles, and 105-millimeter artillery ammunition.

“This latest package of support demonstrates that Ukraine can count on Australia,” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated.

“We support international efforts to ensure Putin’s aggression fails and that Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity prevails.”

“Australia is unwavering in our resolve to condemn and oppose Russia’s actions and to help Ukraine achieve victory.”

Contribution to Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund

As part of the donation, Ukraine will also receive 10 million Australian dollars ($6.7 million) of shelter, clean water, sanitation, and health services from Australia through the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

OCHA facilitates the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund, a multinational initiative fueling rapid and direct relief support to the country.

“We pay tribute to the extraordinary courage and resolve of the Ukrainian people, and stand with them,” Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong said.

“Ukrainian families, children and the elderly have borne a terrible cost from Russia’s invasion, and Australia is providing funding to support them.”

“Russia cannot be allowed to infringe upon another country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

In addition, Australia will extend duty-free shipping of goods imported from Ukraine for 12 months, enabling the country to recover and maintain trade.

These latest donations bring Australia’s assistance to Ukraine to 790 million Australian dollars ($529 million), including 610 million Australian dollars ($408 million) in military aid.

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