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Israeli Firm Unveils Drone Detection System for Unknown UAS

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Netline Communications Technologies recently unveiled a family of drone detection systems for elusive unmanned aerial systems.

Signatures of an estimated 20 percent of current drones are not available in the database, making their detection difficult.

They include stealthier military drones and modified commercial drones.

Non-Database Direction-Finding Sensor

Netline’s new non-database direction-finding (DF) sensor features an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that detects unknown drones through visually recognizable common elements of airborne threats.

“At Netline we constantly learn and monitor the evolving threats in different war zones around the world to develop critical and rapid solutions,” Netline CEO Shai Palti said.

“Our R&D teams have developed this innovative and adaptive algorithm that recognises common factors of airborne threats, indicating their existence without needing specific data.”

How it Works

The system works in three detection steps: “First, the sensor scans the spectrum for all radio frequencies in the relevant bands,” the Tel Aviv-based electronic warfare manufacturer explained.

“Next, it separates targets from the noisy spectral environment using a hybrid algorithm. Finally, it tracks the suspicious targets to determine their threat level according to various parameters.”

A pair or more of DF sensor systems are advisable for deployment for optimum results, the company added.

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