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US Army Accepts First Chinook Block II From Boeing

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Boeing has delivered the first of 465 CH-47F Block II Chinook heavy-lift aircraft to the US Army as part of a modernization effort signed in 2017.

The ongoing Block II upgrade encompasses drivetrain improvements, a reinforced airframe and fuel system, and enhanced payload compatibility for future mission requirements.

Boeing wrote that the project addresses aircraft sustainment, enabling minimal repairs to increase the vehicle’s availability.

The firm initiated the final assembly of the first Chinook in 2018. The maiden flight of the Block II production fuselage was held in April 2024.

“The CH-47F Block II provides capability improvements allowing the US Army to lift more, fly farther and maintain their aircraft better than ever before,” Boeing Cargo Program Manager and VP Heather McBryan stated.

“This modernization program enables the battle-tested Chinook to play a key role in multi-domain operations going forward.”

‘Strategically Responsive’

The Chinook Block II has a length of 51.2 feet (15.88 meters), a rotor diameter of 60 feet (18.29 meters), and a fuel capacity of 1,080 gallons (4,088 liters).

It is powered by a twin Honeywell T55 engine with approximately 4,800 horsepower each for a maximum speed of 187.6 miles (203 kilometers) per hour, a mission radius of 165 nautical miles (305.5 kilometers), and an altitude of 20,000 feet (6,096 meters).

The Block II design has a gross weight of 54,000 pounds (24,493.9 kilograms) and payload capacity of 27,700 pounds (12,564.5 kilograms).

“As the Army’s Heavy Lift platform of tomorrow, the CH-47F Block II provides increased capability while continuing support of the Army’s requirement to remain strategically responsive across the full spectrum of operations,” US Army Cargo Helicopters Deputy Project Manager Viva Kelly explained during the first CH-47F Block II’s arrival.

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