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Lithuania sent 50 M113 armored vehicles to Ukraine

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The Lithuanian government has delivered a total of 50 M113 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas announced.

In a September 26 press briefing, Anusauskas said Lithuania plans to continue providing military assistance to its war-stricken European neighbor, pending consultation with NATO allies.

“Our armed forces are NATO’s armed forces and our capability is also important for our allies who are here,” the minister said. “This is why every time we consider a reduction of our capability … we have to discuss with our allies how we are going to compensate for this.”

Anusauskas’ announcement came following the results of the meeting of the Lithuanian State Defense Council about the regional situation, including Russia’s military mobilization and possible asylum requests from Russian citizens.

M113 Armored Personnel Carriers

The 4.8-meter (15.7 feet) personnel carriers feature a fully enclosed armor made with an aircraft-quality aluminum alloy designed to provide safety from small firearms to large artillery shell splinters.

M113 vehicles can carry a total of 13 personnel: two crew members and 11 passengers.

The combat vehicle’s improved mobility and survivability provide additional potential for close-combat and open-combat battlefield challenges, manufacturer BAE Systems said.

Earlier this month, Lithuania also sent 105 mm howitzers and heavy mortars to Ukraine.

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