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Netherlands to acquire Kongsberg Anti-Ship Missiles

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The Royal Dutch Navy will receive new naval strike missiles (NSM) from Norwegian aerospace firm Kongsberg, replacing its current Boeing-made Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

Under the agreement, Kongsberg will supply an undisclosed number of missiles for the navy’s Air Defence & Command Frigate fleet.

“This is another great achievement for the NSM program and we are very pleased to welcome the Royal Netherlands Navy as a member of the NSM User Group,” Kongsberg President Eirik Lie said.

The new weapons are slated for delivery by 2025.

‘Operational Performance, High Survivability’

The 3.96-meter (13-foot) NSM features better operational performance and higher survivability against various enemy defense systems.

According to the Dutch Defence Ministry, the NSM has several advantages over the Harpoon.

As a highly flexible missile system, the 407-kilogram (897-pound) NSM has enhanced maneuverability and a longer range of up to 100 nautical miles (185 kilometers/115 miles).

“The missile uses an advanced infrared search head. This makes it easier to recognize the target, the missile is more precise and the chance of accidental damage is reduced,” the ministry said.

“Furthermore, the missile is difficult to detect by enemy ships due to the use of stealth properties.”

‘Needs Replacement’

The Harpoon-equipped frigates need system replacements following many years of service in the navy, the ministry said.

Used against medium-range vessels, the Harpoon missiles were first utilized by the Royal Netherlands Navy in November 2008 in a test launch off the coast of Virginia.

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