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Slovakia buys 152 CV90 infantry vehicles in $1.37B deal

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Slovakia is adding 152 CV9035 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) to its growing military arsenal.

The country has awarded a $1.37 billion contract to BAE Systems to manufacture and deliver CV90s in several configurations, including the newest CV90MkIV.

According to the British defense firm, the CV90MkIV features advanced capabilities and is built using the latest digital technologies.

It reportedly has improved battlefield speed and handling, as well as a modernized electronic architecture to meet the needs of the evolving battlefield.

Of the 152 vehicles under contract, 122 will come in the IFV variant, while 12 will be built in new configurations to support the Slovak Army’s anti-material rifles and grenade launcher squad.

The remaining vehicles will include command and control, reconnaissance, and recovery variants to provide specialist combat logistics support.

BAE will also provide tactical simulators and training to Slovak soldiers.

Meeting Slovak Army Requirements

According to the company, the CV90s will be equipped with the latest D-series turret and a 35-millimeter gun.

They also feature the latest generation of sensors, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality software for better combat efficiency.

Additionally, the IFVs will be fitted with the “Iron Fist” active protection system solution from Elbit Systems and a SPIKE-LR anti-tank guided missile from Rafael.

“We are committed to delivering an infantry fighting vehicle that meets the Slovak Army’s requirements now and in the future,” BAE Systems managing director Tommy Gustafsson-Rask said.

“This is an important moment in our nations’ relations and we are honored to be part of this alongside our Slovak industry partners.”

Growing Military Arsenal

The multibillion-dollar CV90 deal is just one of the many defense investments made by Slovakia to increase its military arsenal.

In 2019, Bratislava awarded Lockheed Martin an almost $800-million contract to produce and support its F-16 fighter jets.

It also agreed to transfer military equipment to Ukraine in exchange for receiving upgraded Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks from Germany.

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