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Report: MI6 spies are using AI to disrupt the flow of weapons to Russia

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British spies are already using artificial intelligence to hamper the supply of weapons to Russia, according to the head of Britain’s intelligence agency.

He added that Western intelligence agencies will increasingly have to focus on tracking the malign use of AI by hostile states.

In a rare public speech in Prague, Richard Moore also invited Russians who are ‘silently appalled’ by Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine to become spies for Britain.

In a speech that depicted artificial intelligence as both a huge potential asset and a major threat, Moore said his staff at Britain’s foreign intelligence agency ‘are combining their skills with AI and bulk data to identify and disrupt the flow of weapons to Russia for use against Ukraine.’

Moore called China the ‘single most important strategic focus’ for his agency and said, ‘We will increasingly be tasked with obtaining intelligence on how hostile states are using AI in damaging, reckless and unethical ways.’

The intelligence chief, who previously warned that the West was falling behind rivals in the AI race, said his service ‘together with our allies, intends to win the race to master the ethical and safe use of AI.’

AI would still not replace the need for human spies, as ‘the unique characteristics of human agents in the right places will become still more significant’ for their ability to ‘influence decisions inside a government or terrorist group.’

‘As AI trawls the ocean of open source, there will be even greater value in landing, with a well-cast fly, the secrets that lie beyond the reach of its nets,’ he said.

So, it looks like we won’t have an AI 007 anytime soon but artificial intelligence will still play an important role the national security worldwide.

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