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Report: Turkish jet trainer proposed to US Navy

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Turkish-made jet trainer Hürjet has been proposed to the U.S. Navy as a replacement for its aging T-45 Goshawk aircraft, according to a New York-based leading aviation magazine.

The proposal was made by the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), an American aerospace company founded by a Turkish-American couple that specializes in aircraft modification, integration and space technologies, Aviation Week has reported.

The U.S. Navy is looking to replace its fleet of training aircraft with 145 new jets by the second quarter of 2028.

SNC and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), the manufacturer of the Hürjet, are expected to submit a joint bid for the tender, the magazine said.

The jet trainer, also a light attack aircraft, is slated to be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces next year. The success of its future test flights will be a key factor in the U.S. decision.

The Navy is seeking advanced safety and environmental protection features in its new training aircraft, as it has lost several aircraft due to bird strikes. Another requirement is the precision landing mode (PLM) feature, which allows trainers to land on aircraft carriers.

The Hürjet passed its first engine start test early last year. According to defense officials, it will be able to use nine different types of domestically developed ammunition.

The single-engine jet, equipped with a tandem cockpit, can perform roles such as combat readiness transition training, air patrol and aerobatic demonstrations.

The aircraft measures around 14 meters in length, has a wingspan of 9.5 meters, can reach speeds of Mach 1.4, and can fly at a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet. It has a payload capacity of 3,000 kilograms (6,600 pounds).

The Hürjet project was initiated to replace the Turkish army’s T-38 aircraft used in training and the F-5 aircraft used in aerobatic team flights. The project aims to produce two Hürjets per month after the certification activities are completed by the end of 2025.

The discussion surrounding Hürjet’s potential inclusion in the U.S. Navy emerged after the recent approval of Türkiye’s F-16 purchases.

The finalized deal, valued at $23 billion, entails Türkiye acquiring 40 new F-16s and upgrading 79 existing ones following approval from the U.S. Congress. Ankara also seeks Eurofighter jets as an alternative.

Source: HurriyetDailyNews

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