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The US has indefinitely postponed joint military exercises with Georgia

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The United States has indefinitely postponed the “Worthy Partner” joint US-Georgian military exercises, which have been held in Georgia since 2016.

This year’s exercises were scheduled to take place from July 25 to August 6.

According to an official statement from the US Department of Defense, this decision was made as part of a review of bilateral relations between the two countries.

The statement from the US Department of Defense also mentions that the decision was influenced by “false accusations made by the Georgian government against the US and other Western entities.”

These accusations include claims by the Georgian government that the US pressured Georgia to open a second front and attempted to incite a revolution in Georgia twice.

In light of these circumstances, the US Department of Defense believes that “now is not an appropriate time for large-scale military exercises in Georgia.”

However, the statement emphasizes that the US remains committed to working with Georgia’s defense forces to enhance their ability to protect their sovereignty and maintain territorial integrity.

“This decision was not made lightly, and we recognize the importance our allies and partners place on exercises like ‘Worthy Partner.’ The United States looks forward to future opportunities to collaborate with our allies and partners, including the ‘Strong Spirit’ military exercises in 2025,” the statement concludes.

Statement from the Georgian Ministry of Defense

The Georgian Ministry of Defense expressed regret over the postponement of the exercises and emphasized that international exercises, including “Worthy Partner 2024,” benefit both Georgia and the US, as well as participating partner countries. These exercises “contribute to strengthening defense capabilities, developing soldiers’ skills, enhancing professionalism, and improving operational interoperability.”

The ministry also noted that mutually beneficial cooperation formats between the defense ministries of the US and Georgia exist and will be maintained.

Position of the President of Georgia

President Salome Zurabishvili responded to the US Department of Defense’s statement with a brief message on social media.

The President wrote that by adopting the “foreign agents” law, the Georgian government has jeopardized the country’s European path. Additionally, by insulting American partners and making accusations against them, the government is endangering the strategic partnership that is based on strengthening the country’s defense forces and bringing them up to NATO standards.

What the “Noble Partner” exercises entail

The “Noble Partner” joint military exercises have been held in Georgia since 2016.

In 2022, Georgia hosted them for the sixth time. The exercises were conducted under the leadership of the Eastern Command of the Georgian Defense Forces and the US Army Europe and Africa Command (USAREUR).

The purpose of these exercises, which involved more than 2,400 military personnel, was to enhance readiness and interoperability between Georgia, the United States, regional partners, and allied countries to ensure a stable and secure environment in the Black Sea region.

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