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UK Conducts AI-Boosting Beach Landing Exercise

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The UK has conducted a large-scale maritime and beach-landing exercise on the Hampshire coast to develop new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for the Ministry of Defence.

The Royal Navy and British Army facilitated 12 industry and international partners in data collection exercises. Around 130 personnel, 13 vessels, multiple drones, a light aircraft, and more than 50 cameras and sensor systems were involved.

The exercise comes ahead of the UK government’s AI Summit, where technological advances and regulations will be presented by government officials and companies from around the world.

Bolstering UK’s AI Arsenal

The drills involved synchronized landings and “deliberately chaotic” boat exits to provide a wider data sample of human movement.

“Innovative, data driven exercises like this demonstrate how AI can enhance our military capabilities, enabling us to respond more efficiently to the threats of today and tomorrow,” said Minister for Defence Procurement James Cartlidge.

Visual, infrared, sonar, and radar data were compiled throughout the drills to create a wide dataset to train AI algorithms to recognize objects on battlefields.

The recent trials for AI advancements include the development of target recognition platforms utilizing Google’s cloud service to explore defense solutions and conducting trials of AI-enabled drone swarms alongside the US and Australia in a bid to maintain operational advantages.

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