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US Army, Rheinmetall to develop equipment for combat vehicles

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 The US Army and American Rheinmetall Vehicles have agreed to jointly research and develop integrated equipment for combat vehicles.

The Combat Capabilities Development Command Ground Vehicle Systems Center signed the agreement with Rheinmetall to implement regular research and development in support of its Advanced Lightweight Track of the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) modernization program.

Work will focus on upgrading the systems and subsystems to provide a better ride quality and combat capabilities.

The two entities are expected to leverage their expertise to model, simulate, and test the track, suspension, road wheels, and running gear technologies.

The solutions produced will be promoted to support future weapon systems for other military services, international military markets, and associated applications.

“The agreement is the start of a budding relationship to research, develop, and integrate the newest technologies into modern combat vehicles,” Rheinmetall official Mike Milner said.

“Specifically, efforts on integration of the Advanced Lightweight Track will provide ride quality improvements and room for growth without reductions in performance on tracked combat vehicles.”

In 2021, American Rheinmetall Vehicles (ARV) opened a facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan, to serve as the principal site for the US Army’s OMFV program.

The OMFV aims to replace nearly 3,800 aging BAE M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

ARV partnered with Point Blank Enterprises, Oshkosh Defense, BAE Systems, General Dynamics Land Systems, and American Rheinmetall Vehicles to design new units based on Rheinmetall’s Lynx KF41 armored fighting vehicles the same year.

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