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Turkish armored vehicle Yörük 4×4 embarks on 1st Africa mission

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Turkish light armored land vehicle Yörük 4×4 has embarked on its first field mission in Africa.

The vehicle has started touring the streets in Chad, the first African country to purchase the Yörük 4×4, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported on Sunday.

Developed by top Turkish land vehicles manufacturer Nurol Makina, the Yörük 4×4 was unveiled for the first time at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) in 2017.

Nurol Makina meets the needs of allied countries as well as Turkey with its 4×4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles (TWAV), such as the Yörük and Ejder Yalçın, produced in its modern facilities in the capital Ankara.

During the development, testing and production preparation activities for the Yörük 4×4, which is dubbed to “open a new era in its class,” the company received requests from many countries.

Nurol Makina has made a name for itself with its export successes. It had signed the first export contract for Yörük 4×4 even before the serial production preparations were completed.

The company in a short time signed contracts with a total of four countries, with the first exports having been made to Chad.

Chad had recently also added the Ejder Yalçın 4×4 tactical wheeled armored vehicle to its inventory.

Designed for the use of security forces and military units, the Yörük 4×4 offers its users the highest level of mobility and protection performance in the light armored vehicle class.

The vehicle provides a high level of protection against ballistic and mine/handmade explosives and it can also be customized based on user preferences.

In addition to Ejder Yalçın and Yörük, the company’s more than 1,500 armored vehicles include different models, such as the Ilgaz II armored personnel carrier (APC), Ejder Kunter armored truck and Ejder TOMA riot control vehicle, all of which have been involved in missions in different countries over recent years.

The countries that use Nurol Makina’s products include Qatar, Kuwait, Hungary, Chile, Uzbekistan and Senegal.

The company made its debut in the European market earlier this year by launching its first company abroad in Hungary, the first European Union state and NATO member to acquire its products.

In an endeavor to increase the technological capabilities of its army and replace the vehicles and equipment of the Soviet Union with Western systems, Hungary in September 2019 added Nurol Makina’s vehicles to its inventory.

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